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With Juhlsen's online advent calendar you can boost your brand, generate traffic and subscriptions for your online marketing and improve relations to your customers.

Boost your brand


Across customers and industries 50-75 % of participants are active all days in December. This offers ample opportunity to communicate relevant messages, improving brand knowledge, preference and sales.


Run on all devices


Our responsive design adapts to all screen sizes which ensures a great customer experience regardless of the device. The calendar will run smoothly on all modern computers, tablets and smartphones.


Increase website traffic


Upon answering the daily question, users are encouraged to visit your website, blog, Facebook page etc. You decide where the participants should look for the answers and what messages should be promoted.


Get to know your customers


The high level of customer engagement offers you an opportunity to collect useful data for customer targeting. Offer extra tickets for the main draw if the participant answers your survey.


Generate social likes


Promote your social profile as part of the daily flow or create an application that lets users sign-up from Facebook. Offer extra tickets for the main draw to users who register on Facebook and like your page.  

Offer reliable experience


Our scalable Cloud hosting provides quality performance for your Advent Calendar, regardless of the number of participants. Every year in December, we host and distribute more than 15 million mails and interactions.



We are very flexible in setting up your Advent Calendar. You decide how involved you want to be in the process of creating the campaign. We can also handle everything in-house.

The fundamentals of the Advent Calendar are settled and the design must be based on Juhlsen's templates.


Concept and design will be modified to your wishes. We will gladly carry out all tasks - you decide your own level of involvement.



Behind every door, you'll define a daily quiz. The pages can also contain images, videos and links for communicating relevant messages.


Our collective imagination is the only limit for the content of the countdown calendar. Let's be creative together.


The day-to-day administration consists of functionality tests, winner drawing, support plus statistical monitoring and follow-up.


Besides the abovementioned tasks, we carry out calendar design and daily mail delivery. Again, you decide your level of involvement.



We are well-experienced in Online Advent Calendars and most our customers keep coming back. Take a look at a few cases below.
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We offer Advent Calendars in three different formats. Take a look at the plans below. You can call or mail us to discuss your specific requirements.
  • DKK 9,995

  • Calendar with 24 or 25 doors
  • Subscription before December 1
  • Collection of newsletter permissions
  • Statistics
  • 5,000 participants included
  • Template with own logo
  • Mail delivery
  • More language versions
  • Integration with own systems
  • and much more!
  • Recommended
  • DKK 29,995
  • PRO

  • Optional number of calendar doors
  • Subscription before December 1
  • Collection of newsletter permissions
  • Statistics
  • 15,000 participants included
  • Template with unique design
  • Daily mails from Mailchimp
  • More language versions
  • Integration with own systems
  • and much more!

  • Optional number of calendar doors
  • Subscription before December 1
  • Direct integration with newsletter list
  • Statistics
  • Unlimited number of participants included
  • Unique design
  • Daily mails from own Email Service Provider
  • More language versions
  • Integration with own systems
  • and much more!


Green Plus

Christmas eCards

Let your participants send beautiful holiday greetings to their friends with an eCard solution.

Green Plus

Customer segmentation

Improve your knowledge about customers through surveys that provides you with relevant data for customer targeting.

Green Plus

Countdown timer

Create buzz for your launch with a countdown timer and offer your clients the possibility to (re)subscribe to your calender all year.

Green Plus

More participants

Don't fear exceding your plan's number of participants. The price per extra participant is DKK 1. Rather cheap for a quality lead.

Contact us

You are always more than welcome to call us at +45 21 37 25 85 or mail us at Alternatively, you can use the form below or contact one of these "elfs" directly.


Our support team and campaign consultants can be reached and are ready to help you every Monday-Friday 9.00-16.00 CET

Call us at +45 21 37 25 85 or send us an email at if you have questions or want discuss optimizations to your own advent calendar.